ROLL WITH LOLA workshop Barcelona

ROLL WITH LOLA workshop Barcelona

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This is a presential workshop 

Dates: 11 , 18, 25 de Febrero & 4 de Marzo

Time: 10-11:30

Location: outdoor locations arc de triomf / Paralel 3 chimeneas (iremos hablando por whatsapp)




This is a closed group (no drop-in classes) for a few reasons. Firstly, to feel the real vibe of a skate jam, where we get to feel comfortable with the others in the group, we relax and can allow ourselves to be silly and when learning smth new and feeling funny. Play is important ;) The vibe of exchanging is priceless.

And secondly, because I want to progress the moves in these 4 workshops. Each skater at their pace and level of course,  but I want to have a chance to work on moves from the first class and evolve them in all 4 sessions. :)

Classes always start with warm up to get the body ready for action. 

Then we do some skate exercises to teach the body what muscles to use and strengthen for our session.

Basic dance moves which we’ll put in a routine so you can remember and practice. 

Number one principle is to HAVE FUN.


ONE jam skating training session all together at the end, so 5 skating sessions overall. 

1:30 hours each class.

Price is 55e for the whole package.