About us

Rolalola is a slow fashion brand local to roller skating.  

In our pursuit to find our tribe, we bring to life a hippi hoppi quirky style inspired by the local badasses of the scene! 

We believe in skating!!! And just like skating teaches us daily, magic lies in the process, the freedom of expression, detail and  fun. We produce from scratch starting from pattern design, careful material selection, ethical production in small local workshops and we love working with illustrators and designers that match our values and aesthetics. Our skater tested Rolalola gear is proudly exclusively designed by us and made by people with feelings & dreams like you! 

From skater to skater.

From one badass to another. Xx



We love connecting with our clubbers so feel free to drop us a message with anything you feel is relevant :) invite us to events, send love, suggestions, feedback or questions Xx